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Say What?

Some real talk

from vantastic clients

"It was a blast and even better than expected!"

James P, Millvale

"Everything was absolutely awesome!"

Matt M. Uniontown

"The wedding pics you sent were awesome and your Instagram stories were rad too! Everyone at loved the van and thought you were great!"

Mitch H, Pittsburgh

"We had a great time cruising around visiting the places where many of the local beers we've seen on tap around town are brewed. The vans were a blast from the past!"

Tim B, Ross Twp

"The guys had a fantastic time in the van and kept saying how great you were with them. It was a night my fiance will never forget! We'll be in touch to book again in the future"

Mallory M, Monaca

"It was a really good time & my brother called it the best bachelor party ever"

Wes B, Wilmington NC

"Had such a blast last night! Thanks so much for your hospitality. The van was so rad, and it made my brother's night! Such a great time!"

Ryan K, South Side PGH

"Thank you sooo much! The Jive Turkey was such a hit at the wedding!  Everyone was talking about it all night!"

Lindsay D, Pittsburgh

"We arrived at one of the places & people outside were staring as we rolled in. Before you knew it beer was flowing, new friends were made, & half our group bought matching hoodies & shirts from the brewery. What a day to remember!"

Ted P, Wexford

"Huge Thanks! Everyone had

a blast and it was amazing!
Angela P,  Medford NJ


Vantastic Limo LLC WAS for hire by the hour for many types of private events.  You told. us what you needed & we provided the transportation.  We were about as unique as you can get for weddings.  We offered Pittsburgh's most vantastic way to explore the city & many of southwestern PA's favorite microbreweries, wineries, and spirits distilleries.  We took you to many of the local places you've been meaning to visit but just hadn't yet taken the time.


We offered a variety of options to explore our region in a vintage custom van.  We specialized in fun, and our vans took you to any of the many gems of Pittsburgh's nationally renowned craft beverage scene.  Leave the driving to Vantastic Limo while we cruise in comfort & arrive in style.  Our vans fit the Vantastic Limo driver, plus up to 10 passengers.  Some of our preferred partners offer exclusive specials or a possible peek behind the scenes when you're wearing your official Vantastic Limo sticker during our cruise.  

If you're a crew of 'bigger' people you may want to stick to 8 or so to ensure a comfortable ride)

You can book our B-Team van as your own personal charter for a minimum of 4 hours

(We recommend 5+hrs for ideal "cruise" experience).

We can transport your wedding parties in unique style to & from home, hotels church, reception hall, etc.  

 We will work with you to create your own custom agenda visiting breweries / wineries / distilleries, good ol fashioned bar hops, etc.  We'll escort your weddings, bachelor(ette) parties, happy hour, divorce parties, birthdays, welcome home & going away parties, wedding guest shuttling, or any occasion where an old school van would add to the experience.  We'll give you & your guests a unique ride to wherever it is you need to go - typically during daylight hours.

We tend to avoid late nights & big crowded areas like games & concerts.

Places where parking is tight, footballs flying, cramping our style, etc.

(Vintage Van parts are not easily replacable)


we're not for hire anymore, but if you wanna say what's up
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