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Do you do weddings?


Do you only do beer type cruises or can we do other events?

We are 'for hire' just like a normal party van company by the hour - typically during daylight hours.  So that means days on the town, wedding or unique shuttling, sight seeing, or book the van to yourself for a date.  Due to the nature of our quality custom vans - parts & custom paint aren't simple fixes - so we prefer to stay out of 'harms way' so we tend to avoid crowded events like tailgates & concerts.  Drop us a line or submit a booking form to get a quote on your day.  Rates Mon-Thur are less expensive than Fri-Sun & Holidays.

What's included with Beer & Mixed Libations Cruises

We'll pick you up in one of the coolest old school custom vans you've ever seen (we're biased).  Then we'll take you to some of the places you've been meaning to get to but just haven't yet.  We'll work with you to come up with an agenda and we'll provide a printed itinerary of the day upon pickup.  Typically we spend 30-45 minutes at each destination.  Each place we visit is different - and some are more ingratiating than others and a lot depends on how busy they are when we arrive.  Saturday cruising is most likely to see potential crowds at places we visit.  Some places offer us complimentary behind-the-scenes tours, free samples, and discounts.  Due to the liability associated with an operation such as ours, you will be buying your own pints, flights, cocktails, bottles.  When not driving, our drivers will take as many photos of your group as you'd like - especially in & around the vans.  We'll post a folder of any pics we take (free of charge) on Dropbox ASAP so you can share with your friends.  We pace out the day so you get time riding in the van and at establishments.  Depending on the itinerary, we try & keep drives from location to location under 30 minutes.  We also try & get you to different areas of the Pittsburgh so aim to spend at least 10 minutes from venue to venue. 

Do I need to know the exact agenda when I book the van?

No, not exactly.  When you book the van we need to know the time, and your (approximate) starting & ending addresses.  We can write the contract with a tentative agenda Example: A 5 hour brewery cruise starting 12pm downtown Pittsburgh hotel TBD & ending at 5pm at a restaurant downtown.  Ideally you'd lock down plans at least 2 weeks before your cruise date so that we can do our best to let partner establishments know we're coming.  If it's your own bar cruise and we have nothing to do with the venues we're visiting, we can do that on the fly but would like to have an idea what you were thinking - we often like to pre-scout unfamiliar destinations on google maps.

Can I play my own tunes?

If you're up for it, you own the airwaves & the volume.  Bring your tunes on a USB, CD, or connect smartphone via the 3.5mm cord we provide or via Bluetooth.

Do you operate all year round?

Road salt & 'slippy' roads don't go well with vintage 2WD vehicles, so "no".  Thus, our main booking season is May through mid November.  We may take some holiday bookings/schedule some holiday cruises in December, but won't be available most of Jan thru Mar.  If mother nature takes it easy on us, we may be out during the winter - it'll just be rare.

Can I bring a growler on a Beer Cruise?

Yes!  There's limited space in the van, but we'll have a cooler full of bottled water for you - so as water disappears, cooler space opens up for cold growlers.  There's some room under the seats for a little storage as well.  Or bring your own small cooler along as well. 

Are the vans air conditioned?

Yes!  The AC blows cold and we've got extra fans to help circulate the air - but please remember this is a period correct shaggin wagon.  So - if it's a super hot day - it may not be quite as cold as your Uncle Fritz's 2017 Town & Country - so just remember this is how they cruised back in the day. We do our best to keep the vans as cool as possible throughout a sweltering summer day. Cooler days are no problem at all. 

Are there seatbelts?

Yes.  If you feel the need to buckle up, your driver will make sure you're all strapped in for the cruise.

I saw all the swag on the site, will you have some with you on our cruise?

Yes we try & bring a variety of sizes & options with us each day out with a group.  There's no telling what exactly we'll have with us - so if you see something on the website you just can't live without, drop us a line & we'll do our best to bring along on your day as long as we've got it in stock.  Drivers are suited to accept credit cards.

Can we drink alcohol in the van?

Yes - we're operating under authority from the PA Public Utility Commission as a Party Van company - thus you're legally allowed to drink in the back of the van.  NO RED WINE or other staining beverages.  Cans recommended if possible.  

I own a brewery / winery / distillery - how do we get on an itinerary?

We're actively looking for strategic partnerships so please send us an email & if makes geographical sense, we'd surely love to stop in!  We're looking to give our guests the best experience possible so anything above & beyond you could do to welcome the group would be greatly appreciated.  Specifically discounts on flights or pints or glasses, and/or a peek behind the scenes is all we'll ever ask of you aside from some shares on social media. 

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