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Jive  Turkey  Van

retired from our fleet in 2020 after the coronavirus sunk so many small businesses

The jive turkey is aN AUTHENTIC 1976 dodge boogie van with custom brown, orange, yellow paint.  the interior is a comfortable wraparound bench seat with button tuck & shag, great sound system, and rope lighting.  this thing screams 70's because it was built in the 70's.  THE ORIGINAL PARTY VAN. The JT was shown at the 2014 & 2015 van nationals & was featured in issue #4 of rolling heavy magazine



Vue412 Mt Washington
Waiting for a crew at Roundabout
Old Ft Pitt Brewery in Sharpsburg
Roadshot by
Mostly all original interior
New for 2018: Spare Out Back
Shag. Naugahyde. Shag.
Happily Married Couple
Randy from Randyland!
Tom, A-Team, & Jive Turkey
Dancing Gnome Sharpsburg
PPG Place
Grist House Back Parking Lot
Insurrection Heidelberg
Station Square Pose
It's All Gravy
Auroch's Emsworth
Shag from the 70's
We love our city.
Happy Couple!
Da Burgh
Roundabout Sidestreet Parking
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